Exclusive: 2010 lowdown March '10
In his own words by Gareth Roberts

Little White Lies Nov/Dec '09
Le Dude by Jonathan Crocker

Empire September '09
Brothers in Arms by Sam Toy

The Guardian 03rd March '09
Dark Star an interview by Patrick Barkham

Maxim Magazine April '09
On The Red Riding Trilogy by Ben Raworth

The Times August '08
On Uma Thurman and My Zinc Bed

Ridingthelow.co.uk June '08
Exclusive interview about his band 'Riding the Low' for their website

Empireonline March '08
On Directing and teaming up with Meadows again by Glen Ferris

Film4 online February '08
'On Dog Altogether' by Holly Grigg-Spall

HBO Films online November '07
Online exclusive.

Total Film Magazine October '07
'Between Takes' by Andy Lowe.

The Guardian August '07
'Humanistic dog flicks' by Tom Hughes.

Observer Monthly Magazine Sep '05
'And the winner is...' by Craig McClean.

Arena Magazine October '05
'Close to the edge' by Justin Quirk.

Empire Magazine November '04
'Is this the next De Niro' by Mark Dinning.

Bizarre Magazine October '04
by Alex Godfrey.

The Guardian 'Now im a believer' Sep '04
Why Paddy signed up for an Alpha course and found God.

The Telegraph 'Dream team..' Sep '04
On Dead Man's Shoes.

The Age.com 'Paddys field day' Sep '04
Cinderella Man/ My Summer of Love and Dead Man's Shoes by Steve Rose.

Timesonline.co.uk Aug '04
On Dead Man's Shoes and My Summer of Love.

Total Film Magazine December '03
'The great contender' by Dan Jolin.

Tribute.ca 'A conversation with..'
About working on the new drama In America.

BBC.co.uk 'In America' 31 Oct '03
On In America, interview by Jen Foley.

Jigsawlounge.co.uk Edinburgh film festival 2003
In America, at the 2003 Edinburgh Film Festival.

Partypeoplemovie.com On '24 HPP
'The man who would be Gretton...' on 24 Hour Party people.

The Guardian 'The best-kept secret'
Why everyone's talking about Paddy Considine.

BBC.co.uk On 'Last Resort'
On Last Resort, Interview by David Wood.



Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee
The Times
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Dog Altogether

Hollywood Reporter

The Bourne Ultimatum
Hollywood Reporter

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Cinderella Man
Rolling Stone

My Summer of Love
The Guardian

Dead Mans Shoes
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In America

My Wrongs
Future Movies

Doctor Sleep
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24 Hour Party People
Rotten Tomatoes

Last Resort
Rotten Tomatoes

A Room for Romeo Brass
Channel 4


Bartley Gorman Info
About the Gypsy Bare-knuckle Champion who Considine based his accent for Morell in 'A room for Romeo Brass' on.

Rob Gretton Info
About the 'Madchester' music manager who Considine played in '24 hour party people'.

Brian Jones Info
About the ex-Rolling Stones band member focused on in 'Stoned' and his suspected murderer Frank Thorogood played by Considine in the movie.

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